Here are what some of my actual students have to say

Matthew Holtztrager, Tennessee, 21

Only three weeks after beginning, Matt partnered with a digital marketing firm and landed his first three clients, netting $150/mo of pure passive income.

Tony, Toronto, 26

Tony went through the course and is well on his way to landing his 5th client, which will bring his total monthly income up to $175.

Bryce Bio Headshot

Bryce Matheson

Hey, I'm Bryce. Forever entrepreneur, YouTuber, husband, father, and lover of passive income. I discovered I love teaching others about how to earn passive income as much as I love earning it myself.

I always knew I was going to make an impact on the world.

My story isn't that unique.

In fact, I'd say it's quite the opposite. It's the same as everyone else's.

I was a good boy. I did all the "right" things. I went to school, stayed out of trouble for the most part, got decent-ish grades, and then was fortunate enough to go to a good college.

After graduation, I got a "good job" working for a small tech startup, married the best woman I know, and tried to be a good hard-working citizen and productive member of society.

Within only a few months of my new "adult" life, I felt trapped. Suffocated under the day-to-day grind of a 9-5.

I was truly living for the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays were great, spent with family and friends, but all-too-soon, Monday would come back around and I dreaded it.

Sound familiar? See. I told you my story was the same as everyone elses.

I wanted to wake up in the morning on my own terms (not by an alarm) and not have to report to a miserable place, doing work which ultimately didn't feel productive or amount to anything.

Not only was the work a drag, but the pay and schedule weren't great either.

Sure, I could pay my rent and buy groceries, but there wasn't much left over. It always felt like there was more month than there was paycheck.

I also learned there were three little letters that held a lot of power over my life: PTO (Paid Time Off). Time away from work to me was gold. In fact, I think they were actually more valuable to me than gold.

I hated so much that I felt guilty when I needed to leave work temporarily during the day to run little errands. I remember buying a new car, and having to run down to the DMV to get it registered. I wasn't even gone for an hour, but I kept checking the clock, trying to make it back to work as quickly as possible.

I felt guilty taking a personal phone call during the work day, hunching down in my cube, trying to speak as quietly as possible.

I'll be the first to admit that college wasn't great, but it was at least better than this!

Next, I did the only sensible thing -- turned to Google.

At this point, I did the only logical thing there was to do -- did a basic Google search.

"Top Ways to Earn Money"

I was inundated with more results than I could have ever gone through in a lifetime. However, there was a common theme that I started to pick up on as I perused the various articles. People kept talking about this thing called "passive income", almost as if it were the white whale, the holy grail of earning money.

I kept reading. I kept searching. It sounded too good to be true. Make money without actively having to work for it?

How cool would it be to make a living doing something I love, helping people, and all from the comfort of my home or my favorite coffee shop?! It sounded so appealing -- who wouldn't want to work less, and spend more time with family or doing what you love? I loved the thought of waking up slowly, and eating breakfast with my wife, without the urgency of getting to work by 7:59am, so as not to be late.

Having that kind of flexibility would be worth it -- even if I didn’t make any more money than I was making at my current day job.

Passive income, as it's sold "out there," is a myth.

Here's what everyone thinks passive income looks like:

  • Step 1: Start a blog or YouTube channel (oh, and don't forget a podcast, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tik-tok page while you’re at it.)
  • Step 2: Talk about whatever you’re interested in.
  • Step 3: Build a digital product
  • Step 4: Sell said digital product
  • Step 5: Once you’ve got it all setup, it'll run on autopilot and you won’t have to touch it again.
  • Step 6: Take a year off, live at the beach, and watch all the money flow into your bank account
  • Step 7: If you ever need to crank it up and make more money, just buy some Facebook Ads.

Trash! Straight trash.

Randomly blogging or making videos isn’t a strategy. There are over 5 billion videos watched on YouTube each DAY! What's going to make YOURS stand out among a sea of other peoples' content?

And you know what? If that doesn't work, just start a dropshipping business. It's easy. Build a Shopify store, and you'll be done.

Don't like that idea either? Write an eBook. Throw it up on Amazon. It'll sell millions.

And how does it all happen automatically without you being present, anyway? Where's the passive income genie where I snap my fingers and have it all happen for me overnight?

Look friend, passive income isn’t a magic trick. It’s a business. It takes work.

It takes strategic work, but when done properly, it takes less work than you think.

Getting a small, but sweet taste.

I saw right through the crap. I didn't want to write an eBook, start a Shopify store, or create an etsy shop. These are just the same ridiculous business ideas re-written time and time again, regurgitated back onto the page in some new crappy format.

I wanted something new. I wanted something that people didn't talk about on the daily.

And that's when I discovered web hosting.

Having a background in IT obviously made this an ideal choice, but as I kept going with it, I realized that it was so simple, even my Mom could do it. (Love you, Mom. No offense intended.)

I started small, but I signed on a few casual clients. Nothing crazy. Just one or two people here and there. But those two clients added up to $75/mo.

I'll tell you what -- when that first $75 hit my bank account, after doing virtually zero work, my eyes were opened. At the time, my monthly cell phone bill was $75. My cell phone bill was completely covered. I essentially had a 100% free phone at that point.

I kept with it until I was making $250/mo. Now that covered both my cell phone and my car payment together. Such an incredible feeling knowing that two of my main expenses were completely covered and off my mind.

"Is passive income really possible then?"

The answer is a resounding YES!

But the word "passive" is misleading.

"Passive" in the way I teach it doesn't mean you don't work. Quite the opposite, actually.

It means you do the hard work up front, but earn disproportionate (scalable!) results on the back end.

Probably a better word than passive is "automatic". Automatic income is VERY possible, and it's what I strive for in all of my business ventures to ensure that I constantly have a steady stream of income coming in, whether I choose to work on my business that day or not.

$4,144.85 in the last 30 days


The best part? I don't spend more than 30 minutes per month running my business.

You call B.S.? I'm serious.

I spent significantly more than that up front (remember 'automatic', not 'passive') finding clients, setting up the servers, and learning how to automate everything. But once it's all configured and set up, everything just quietly hums along with very little intervention on my part.

Over the last four years that I've been doing this, I've developed a system that can actually create a sustainable business, and automatic income, with little to no involvement from myself.

Still skeptical? Join the club.

Bryce Then vs Now

If you were to ask me four years ago when I started all of this if I was interested in building an automatic income business, I likely would've laughed right in your face and then grilled you with questions like these:

Q: So what? You want me to give up my day job (with benefits) and pursue this dream business?
A: Whoa, there, partner. Nobody said anything about quitting your day job. That would be unwise, and absolutely something I don't recommend. The best part about this business is it's very risk free, and starts small, yet builds over time. PLEASE don't quit your day job just yet.

Q: I'm too busy with my current job, family obligations, etc, etc that I don't have time to start a business.
A: Honestly? Maybe this isn't the course for you, then. I'm not selling dreams, here. I'm giving you a step-by-step guide to change your life. You know how you do that? By doing the opposite of what you're doing right now. It involves work and sacrifice. That may include late nights and working on weekends, but it's only temporary. In the end, it's SO worth it.

Q: This seems too good to be true. What's the catch?
A: I think people tend to overcomplicate business. This is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme (I don't believe in those). But by following a few simple, easy-to-follow systems that I share with you in the course, you'll be up and running in no time.

Q: How much does it cost to get started? I'm very risk averse.
A: That's why I love this business model. Outside of the price of the course, you can get started for as little as $20/month with your server rental. Even if it takes you 6 months to land your first client (which I find very unlikely), you'll only be floating $120. We're not talking about thousands of dollars, here. $20 to get started is a small price to change your life. People spend more than that eating out on the weekends.

Q: What technical skills are required?
A: I don't expect you to be a tech genius, but I do expect you to be somewhat computer savvy. If you have a hard time turning on your computer and opening a browser, then yeah -- maybe this course isn't for you. Otherwise, you'll be just fine.

Q: Do I need to be a web designer or developer?
A: Does it help? Sure. Is it required? Not at all. It'll be easier to get up and running if you've got some coding experience or can walk your way around a Wordpress installation, but it's not required by any means. And is actually very easy to pick up as you go.

Q: How much can you earn?
A: That's entirely up to you and how much work you're willing to put into it. My first year or two that I ran this business, I didn't take it very seriously. I'd add on a client here or there. That being said, I was still able to gain 20 clients. It wasn't until the most recent two years I've been doing this that I've been able to scale up quickly and add 60 additional clients. Most of these clients are paying anywhere from $35-$75/mo or more.

The Bryce back then was afraid...

Not afraid to try, but afraid to fail.

What if I put my heard and soul into something like this, and then it flops?

I kept thinking back to the life that I wanted. I had the stable paycheck, and while I could make ends meet, I was dying inside. I wanted to know that I was completely independent, not relying on someone else's dollar to support me.

I needed to do something different. To create an income and a life that wasn’t determined by my hours in the office or me doing work that I truly didn’t care about.

I wanted to help people. I wanted to actually enjoy what I did for a living.

Automatic income is possible -- very possible.

You just need a strategic gameplan and system in place, otherwise you're going to be chasing after business ideas that simply don't work anymore. I'm not about to let that happen to you.

I've taken all the lessons and experience I've learned over the last 5 years -- all the knowledge, success, pain, frustration, and experience -- and packaged it into a repeatable system that I'm offering to you today.


Course Thumbnail

An end-to-end, turn-key, proven system that slow but surely allows you to start your own online business, offer services to clients, and automatically put money into your bank account day and night, 24/7, whether you're working or not.

My course will help you create:

Unlimited Income Potential

Your paycheck is no longer determined by someone else, or by how many hours you punch on the timeclock. In fact, it's based off your effort. And once the effort has been converted into results, you don't have to work anymore, if you don't want to.

Ultimate Time Flexibility

Look, I don't want to be on the hook, chained to a desk, when or if something breaks. That's why I teach you how to set up reliable architecture, that just runs on its own, without any invention on your part. This allows you to work when, where, and how much you want. YOU make YOUR business fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Fulfilling and Meaningful Work

Wake up doing something that you don't absolutely despise. Waking up, knowing that I can work that day if I want to, or not if I don't, only pales in comparison to knowing that I'm helping other people build a web presence and further their own business needs in addition to my own.

This course gives you the tools and proven system you need to create a lasting (and automated!) income doing work you love.

Over the course of 17 different modules (with more being added regularly) and 100+ lessons, I lay out for you my expact method for creating passive income without skipping a single step. The modules are broken down into easy, bite-sized, digestible video clips that take you step-by-step through every aspect of the business.

The program focuses on three core components:

1. Technical Refresher, and Background Concepts

2. Order and Setup your Server

3. Marketing, Finding Clients, Billing, and Automation

With these three components in place, all you have to do is focus on finding and serving your clients in the best way possible, and then income increases organically.

It literally becomes plug and play after that.

If you put in the work -- you'll get the results!

Module 1 - Introduction

1.1. Welcome to the Course
1.2. Who is this course designed for?
1.3. Who is Bryce Matheson?
1.4. Housekeeping Items
1.5. What technical skills are required?
1.6. Do I Need to be a Web Developer or Web Designer?
1.7. Why I Decided to Make This Course
1.8. How much time is required with this?
1.9. How much can you earn?
1.10. Earning Passive Income
1.11. Risk vs Reward
1.12. I only run passive or scalable businesses
1.13. This is REAL work, and it takes time
1.14. What will be covered in this course?
1.15. The hosting company I use
1.16. This course is fluid and ever changing

Module 2 - Server Basics

2.1. What is a server?
2.2. Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated Servers
2.3. The problem with most shared hosting
2.4. HDD vs SSD
2.5. Server Location
2.6. What can I host on my server?
2.7. Can I host a SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly, etc site?
2.8. Quiz/Test/Understanding Exercise

Module 3 - DNS

3.1. What is DNS?
3.2. What are DNS Records?
3.3. What are NameServers?
3.4. When in doubt, change only the A Record
3.5. DNS Troubleshoot Step-by-Step
3.6. "My email isn’t working anymore."
3.7. Quiz/Test/Understanding Exercise

Module 4 - Domain Names

4.1. What is a Domain Name?
4.2. How to Buy a Domain Name?
4.3. Should you handle domain names for clients?
4.4. How to link a domain to a website
4.5. Quiz/Test/Understanding Exercise

Module 5 - Purchasing Your Server

5.1. The importance of picking a good web host
5.2. Who helps me when I can’t figure out a problem?
5.3. Where to buy your server?
5.4. How much will your server cost?
5.5. The hosting company I use
5.6. Why not use AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, etc, etc…
5.7. The checkout process
5.8. User dashboard

Module 6 - WHM

6.1. WHM Overview & Tutorial
6.2. Creating Packages in WHM
6.3. Creating a new website in WHM
6.4. Bandwidth & Disk Space

Module 7 - cPanel vs WHM

7.1. cPanel vs WHM
7.2. cPanel Tutorial and walkthrough
7.3. Top features I use in cPanel

Module 8 - CDN

8.1. What is a CDN?
8.2. Why should you use one?
8.3. CloudFlare is free, and what most people use
8.4. How to configure your nameservers for CloudFlare

Module 9 - Security

9.1. Maintenance, Patching, Updates
9.2. Wordpress Plugins
9.3. cPanel Security
9.4. DDos Attacks

Module 10 - Website Monitoring

10.1. You should know if a site goes down before your client does
10.2. Configuring UptimeRobot

Module 11 - SSL Certificates

11.1. What is an SSL Certificate?
11.2. They’re really TLS Certificates, but we still call them SSL
11.3. Why do you need an SSL Certificate?
11.4. Automated install on an SSL Certificate
11.5. .htaccess file
11.6. CDN Alternative

Module 12 - Migrating Wordpress Websites

12.1. Conceptual Migration
12.2. Moving Files
12.3. Moving Databases
12.4. Connecting it all together
12.5. Don’t forget the .htaccess file
12.6. If the domain names have changed

Module 13 - Website Backups & Restores

13.1. How to Backup a site
13.2. How to restore a site
13.3. How to automate backups

Module 14 - Clients & Billing

14.1. The best software to use
14.2. I know you’re eager, but…
14.3. How much should you charge?
14.4. I’m worried about charging too much
14.5. When do you start charging for hosting?
14.6. Another alternative
14.7. Taxable Income

Module 15 - Marketing Your Web Hosting Business

15.1. Is the market for this too saturated?
15.2. How to “sell” your hosting
15.3. This is the hardest part of any business
15.4. The easiest way to get clients
15.5. The second way to get clients
15.6. The ULTIMATE way to get clients
15.7. Why would someone choose your hosting over a reputable company?
15.8. What happens when clients find something cheaper?
15.9. Can you just offer hosting? Or do you require a site build?

Module 16 - Additional Streams of Income

16.1. Email Hosting

Module 17 - Legality & Protection

17.1. Why Protect Yourself?
17.2. Limited Liability Corporation
17.3. Terms of Service and Privacy Policies
17.4. Client Service Agreement Contracts

Module 18 - Bonus: Automation

18.1. How to automate backups using a script to copy them elsewhere
18.2. Automation script to create a new account, copy .htaccess, install Wordpress, configure backups, install SSL automatically, etc.
18.3. WHMCS
18.4. Creating a website to sell your hosting services

"I was pleasantly surprised by Bryce's web hosting course. The videos were laid out well, and he answered questions throughout the course I didn't even know I had."

Jason D., Student

Quizzes and Tests Included

Remember how well you'd retain information in High School? What if there was a graded test instead? That's right. You're a lot more likely to study and retain that information.

I wanted to bake in and easy-to-use quiz format that allowed you to gauge your level of understanding of the material.

What happens if you fail? Nothing.

But I think it's important to include some sort of indicator as to how well you're grasping the content. If you fail, it's okay, nothing happens. But maybe that's a good indication that you should go back and re-study the information before moving onto the subsequent sections.

"This course is insane, Bryce. It isn't one cent overpriced. Very much appreciated my friend. It's saved me so much time and headache on the technical side by sharing your tools. Being at square 1 with all the technical stuff used to hold me back for quite some time, until I binge watched your course. Thank you!"

Marcus B., Student

This course is for you if...

  • You're sick and tired of being sick and tired. You can't wait to get out of the 9-5 grind and want the flexibility and freedom that comes with owning your own legitimate online business.
  • You're passionate about starting something new, and using your skills, knowledge, and interests to help other people (and even learn a thing or two along the way!)
  • You're tired of the scammy, get-rich-quick passive income businesses you hear all over the place, full of empty promises by people who know better, but still aren't giving you the whole truth.
  • You're willing to put in the work to make a change in your life and start something real.
  • You don't want to sink thousands of dollars into a business idea (or worse, throw it on a credit card and go into debt for it) just to see it all potentially fail.
  • This is NOT for you if...

  • You're expecting some magic pill or genie to pop out and make you instant money. I can't promise that.
  • You expect results without putting in the effort. You absolutely have to be passionate about building a business, and put in the time and effort to follow the steps properly.
  • "How much time do I realistically need to put into this for it to work?"

    I always hate this answer, so I apologize for using it, but the truth is "it depends". Do you already have an existing base of web clients? Do you already have experience building websites? Are you super tech-savvy, or a little less so? All of these variables will affect how much time it might take you to get the work done, and build up a successful business. But I can promise you this -- it's going to take less time than you think.

    The minimum amount of time you need to pull this off at the beginning is 3-5 hours per week. That works out to a little less than an hour each day. You can start tackling this for 30 minutes in the morning before work, and another 30 minutes after.

    Some of my students are super gung-ho about this, getting out of their jobs, and even work on it during their lunch break at work!

    Obviously, if you can devote more time than that, great. But it's not required, just starting out. Time does not necessarily have a direct relationship with results.

    "How much financial investment will this take?"

    That's why I have so much confidence in selling this course. I realize that most people don't have a lot of money, they're looking to earn more, and they simply don't have the funds available for a large capital investment. With this model, as I've mentioned earlier, you can get started for as little as $20/month. It takes very little money to get up and running.

    "The internet seems so crowded. Doesn't everyone already have web hosting?"

    Many of my students ask this question. However, I continually reassure them that (in my opinion), the internet is in its infancy.

    Every single day, there are millions of people that are moving their businesses to the internet and attempting to grow their web presence. As they do that, you'll be there behind them cheering them on the entire way.

    Don’t let fear hold you back from adding value to the world and helping people. There is unlimited potential to make a great living online these days because there are more potential customers than ever before.

    This course teaches you how to find, serve, and sell to them!

    Access the entire program for just one single payment of $299.

    Click the button to order the course.

    Course Thumbnail

    Don't forget: it's completely risk free

    I've spent a lot of time working on this course, filling it chalk-full of information, and all the lessons I've learned over the last 5 years. In addition to that, I want you to be able to create the income and lifestyle that you deserve. I want to ensure you don't fail.

    To make it a no-brainer deal for you, I'm giving you a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee with your purchase of the course.

    That’s right: Go through the course, check out the bonuses, follow the steps, put in the work, and if you don’t love it in the first 7 days of your purchase, shoot me an email and I’ll refund you immediately. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

    If the course doesn't work for you, I'd much rather you take your money and invest it elsewhere where you'll be happier and get better results. I truly want to help you unlock your income earning potential.

    Also, if you sign up for the course today, I'll throw in three bonuses videos:

    Bonus 1 - How to Automate Client Backups Using a Custom Script to Copy Them Offsite

    Remember how I continually talk about how I'm able to run this business now for right around 30 minutes per month? That's because I let computers handle the monotonous, remedial work for me.

    As a part of any IT-related business, you're going to have clients that mess things up. That's why it's essential that you have good backups. But who wants to spend their weekend manually running backups for all of your websites? As you start out with 3-4, sure, that's easy. But what happens if you have 100?

    In this bonus training I share with you:

  • How to install and configure a script I wrote to automate weekly backups for all of your websites.
  • How to copy these backups to an entirely separate location (with a completely different company) for safe keeping.
  • How to set up an automated task so that the computer does this automatically for you, as often as you want, without even thinking about it.
  • Look, you never know what's going to happen. It's not when, but if an issue is going to arise with one of your client websites. I want to make sure you're 100% protected so you can get your clients back up and running in no time.

    Bonus 2 - Automate Your Business With WHMCS

    I teach my students how to set up hosting packages for their clients, but a lot of the initial setup is manual.

    You'll reach a point where you simply won't be able to keep up with all the requests, and you want your clients to have more control. That's where WHMCS comes in.

    WHMCS is a tool to help automate your business even further.

    In this bonus training I share with you:

  • What WHMCS is, and how it works.
  • How you can use WHMCS to further automate your business.
  • Where to maintain your FREE WHMCS license key.
  • Your business needs to work for you, not the other way around. Use tools like WHMCS to make your life easier.

    Bonus 3 - How to Create a Website to Sell Your Hosting Services

    Should you have a website for your web hosting services? Of course! It only makes sense to have a web presence for your own, as you help others with theirs.

    This may be a portfolio website, showing other websites you've built for clients. Or it could show your pricing and what you're capable of.

    In this bonus training I share with you:

  • My own website to sell my hosting services.
  • How you can upsell additional services on your site, including domains and other services to earn additional income.
  • "This program was everything I expected it to be and more. Using the tips and tricks that Bryce showed, I was able to start earning passive income after only a few weeks. It's started slow, but I can slowly begin to see it ramping up over time."

    Kurt H., Student

    If the only thing this course did...

    If the only thing this course did was give you an extra income stream of $500/mo on the side, would it be worth it?.

    If the only thing this course did was allow you to replace your current salary and achieve financial independence once and for all, wouldn't it be worth it?.

    Order the course today for just one single payment of $299.

    Click the button to order the course.

    You're only a few seconds away...

    When you login to the private members area, you’ll be able to access the entire Automatic Income Academy program and begin watching video trainings once the course launches on January 1st.

    You can take the course on any device you like: computer, tablet of phone. As long as you have internet access, you have the course!

    Oh and by the way, when you join you get lifetime access to this material - even if I update and add to it in the future.

    Course Preview

    There are two types of people...

    Some people dread what they do for a living (and they don't get paid nearly enough for that misery).

    Others take action, creating value in the market, all the while building a business to serve others and increase their income year after year.

    Which one appeals to you? I think I identify more with the latter.

    Right now, many of us feel trapped and stuck where we're at. I was in that exact situation. We don't have the time or flexibility to do the things we want and spend time with the people we care about.

    Personally, I dreaded the thought of having failing health, sitting at a desk for years, all the while doing meaningless work for 5, 10, 20 even 40 years.

    What if you were to lose your job today? Would you have any other sort of income to help provide for yourself and your family? Or better yet, what if you did lose your job, and that was once and for all the shove you needed to go full-time for yourself forever, and never again work for another person?

    If you build an online income, one that generates automatic passive income, you can start doing work YOU care about on YOUR terms and on YOUR schedule.

    Imagine where you'll be one year from today

    Imagine where you'll be one year from today, when you've got your business up and running. At this point, it's a well-oiled machine. You've gotten all the quirks worked out, everything is automated, and your only focus is signing on additional clients to increase your income.

    A friend texts you and asks if you'd like to sit down and grab a cup of coffee. You text back "Sure". While you're enjoying chatting with your friend, your phone dings. Wahoo! Another client just signed on.

    Imagine watching your monthly income slowly increase from $500, to $2k, to $5k or more -- all without increasing your workload. In fact, you'll actually be working LESS as your income grows.

    That's the power of this business and exactly what I teach inside the course.

    You can do this. I'm living proof that it's possible and I'm here to walk you through every step of the way.

    The choice is yours. You can continue sitting on the fence, or you can start earning automatic, passive income today.

    Click the button to order the course.